Whiskey Master Classes

For all you Whiskey sippers out there this class is a must. What’s included

  • Tasting 3-5 different Whiskeys
  • The distillation processes and history
  • Shared Antipasto platters
  • Minimum of 6 people

Masterclasses run for about an hour and finish off with some shared antipasto platters for you to enjoy by the Restaurant and Bar.

These Masterclasses are all about having some light-hearted fun, learning (perhaps a little bit) and sampling some mighty fine drinks.


Cocktail Master Classes

Feel like shaking and stirring some cocktails at Three Wolves?

Learn how to pour, shake and present cocktails in your very own private Masterclass. Whether its cocktails from the 80’s, classic’s or modern twists, the choice is yours. What’s included:

  • A beer or sparkling wine on arrival
  • Learn to make & drink 2/3 class cocktails, a completely hands on experience
  • Shared antipasto platters
  • Minimum of 6 people

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Whiskey Master ClassesCocktail Master Classes